See your Ideas. 

Graphic recording frees your mind and your hands from notetaking and allows you and your team to be fully immersed in your process. From product prototyping to navigating organizational change, having a graphic recorder in the room during a dialogue awakens untapped creativity and ignites group intelligence.

I help you and your team see your ideas as they emerge. Whether you're looking for a hands-on kinesthetic experience with large format paper and markers or a streamlined setup with digital drawing and a projector, I come ready to listen deeply and draw live with the tools, skill and experience to support your team to really feel heard and move forward.

I listen deeply and carefully to help you navigate complex conversations in real time and leave you with a clear visual roadmap of your dialogue.

Your unique process
is supported through:

  • Recording key components of workshop content and speakers

  • Illustrating stories from keynote presenters

  • Drawing out new ideas from session participants

  • Increasing participation in workshops and meetings

  • Capturing feedback during team sessions

  • Harvesting emergent patterns and themes from group processes

  • Creating dynamic presentations

  • Telling your unique story through custom communications

  • Generating unique and dynamic content to
    enhance your online presence